And then what?

[November 9, 2015]

If you’re a Jeezy fan like me, you read that title and naturally went “boom, boom, clap”.

Despite Jeezy coming to Philadelphia to perform next week (blatantly just for me), this post is not about him.

Today marked a fairly historic moment for college activism. As someone who participated in her fair share of marches and protests at the University of Michigan (cue embarrassing nostalgic photo here),

I can say without a doubt that I am BEYOND thrilled for the University of Missouri students, faculty, and staff for getting their needs met. Ousting a sitting college President is a pretty big deal. Getting a grad student to go on a hunger strike is beyond my understanding (food is pretty important in my life…something like God, food, Jeezy — and in that order). And getting the football team to join you? Man — we failed multiple times to pull in our Michigan athletes, but again, a huge congrats to Mizzou for doing such! So the prez is gone, Jonathan Butler can eat a chalupa (or whatever the kids are eating these days), and the football players can compete against BYU this weekend.

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Riana Anderson