Bring back the experts.

[Dec 3, 2016]

As a senior in college, I remember hearing Faheem Rashad Najm on the radio and scrunched my face. His interesting use of “auto-tune” was surely a gimmick I thought. Even though Teddy Riley graced us with a few jams where some lines were altered by a voice box, I had never heard a full song with this pixelated sound before. As Faheem — better known as T-Pain — came out with more songs, I thought surely someone will stop this blatant disrespect of what we call singing.

Jay Z clearly heard my request and dropped Death of Autotune (DOA) a few years later. I knew that his expertise in the field would stop all the foolishness masked as vocal talent.

Welp, 7 years after DOA, T Pain continues to bless our ears with the pitch-corrected melodies that confused me way back in undergrad.

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Riana Anderson