Justice for Jordan Davis

[Oct 2, 2014]

Earlier this year, I was on the phone with my academic bro and sis about the trial of Michael Dunn. These were the same folks I spent hours crying to regarding Trayvon, and later Mike Brown, and I think I was out of tears at the start of this year. I couldn’t bring myself to write another blog or feel anger for another injustice.

But this is an important time in our history. An important occasion to know that people are mad. What hung one jury during a time where the Zimmerman verdict may have been too far removed was not an issue for the current jury, deciding in 6 hours that Dunn pulled a gun out to intentionallyshoot Jordan Davis. Shooting Jordan because he was playing loud music. Shooting Jordan because he talked back. Shooting Jordan because he did not know his place in America — and that is to be subservient, don’t start nothin, and stay in your lane. Or hood. Or borough. But just out of my way.

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Riana Anderson