“That...is the real world. And our children need to know that that’s the world that they live in.”

I’m a traveler. I get on flights and, like most of us who have traveled on planes before, tune out the flight attendants as they give us the spiel on flight safety. (Though I glance up every now and then and smile because I want them to feel respected — kinda how I stay on the phone with the Democratic telemarketers long enough to say “thank you so much for calling — I can’t contribute today — have a wonderful day!”)

Despite the low number of plane crash casualties (only 325 in the entire world in 2016), the flight attendants provide this lesson. Every. Single. Time. I. Get. On. The. Dang. Plane. But it makes sense — if I’ve never been on a flight or fly infrequently, I may not know how to protect myself in case of an emergency — though, honestly, if a plane were screeching toward the ground and all I saw was water, fire, and brimstone, I’d probably forget everything that they told me.

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Riana Anderson