Why America is afraid of her own son

[July 16, 2013]

I study parenting. Whenever I do a workshop, I ask a parent what exactly it means to be a parent. I have never, repeat, NEVER heard a mom say, “Oh, I want my son to be feared. I hope that I can never look him in the face again. I pray that he has is so uncared for and neglected by society that it will just make me beam.”

And yet, that’s exactly what we’ve done for our black sons.

America has been a baaaddddd mother. She stole our black son from another country (well, several other countries…all huddled together under their mother, Africa). She forced our black son to work when she didn’t require that of another son of hers. The prized son. The son she reserves all of her hopes, dreams, and aspirations for. No — she thought that working hard would make her black son strong and an excellent source of income.

Riana Anderson