Our Mental Health Minute | Session 3: Depression
It's the holiday season, but Ri isn't in the spirit. CT tries to see if she might be depressed.
Ri & CT want to remind you that depression can show up at any time throughout the year. Please review the Session 3 resources we've provided

FACT: Clinical Depression affects about 19 million Americans annually and affects people of all races, incomes, ages and ethnic and religious backgrounds

You may be said to be suffering from a clinical depression when you are:

--Feeling sad or blue,

--Having crying spells,

--Losing interest in pleasurable or usual activities,

--Have a significant increase or decrease in appetite,

--Have significant weight loss or weight gain,

--Inability to sleep or excessive sleeping,

--Are agitated or irritable,

--Fatigued or have loss of energy,

--Feelings of worthlessness or excessive guilt and

--Thoughts of death or suicide.

**Mental Health Screener you can complete to check symptoms**


**Other relevant articles on depression**



Riana Anderson